LinguistLifestyle is a blog dedicated to you make the move over to Latin America, whether you’re an expat looking to retire, or a young man/woman fed up with life in the West and are looking for a different lifestyle.

After 4 years of hard struggle, doubt and uncertainty, Eddie has finally managed to make his dream of living and thriving in Latin America a reality, and from his experience, he has determined that there are 4 Keys to doing so:

  • Professionally¬†– Learning how to thrive economically in an area that you actually find fulfilling.
  • Bureaucratically – Learning to Successfully Navigate the infamous Latin America Bureaucracy and establish yourself legally.
  • Socially – Learning how to throw yourself in an unknown environment and build a strong social circle & relationships with others.
  • Linguistically – Learning the Local Language (Spanish or Portuguese) in the quickest and most effective manner and overcoming the pitfalls that expats typically come across.

After living and travelling extensively throughout Latin America, Eddie has decided to share his passion and knowledge to help you decide whether moving to Latin America could be for you and how to make the move in the smoothest way possible.

Eddie in Amazonas, Brasil