New Approach to Language Learning – Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires for English Speakers and Exchange Students

Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires for English Speakers and Foreign Exchange Students.


After spending more than 2 years out here in Latin America, there is one thing that i have seen countless times: English speakers and Exchange students coming out with the aim of getting a high level of Spanish, only to find themselves going back home with little progress made. This  In my opinion, there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, learning a foreign language is nerve wracking, something that most people won’t admit. It’s completely normal to feel like a complete idiot and be taken over by anxiety when you’re first attempting to speak Spanish on the streets of Buenos Aires and people are looking at you as if you were from another planet. In fact, these mental barriers are problem the biggest sticking point that people have when it comes to learning other languages, something that isn’t addressed by any language course that i have come across, including different Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires.

Secondly, traditional language learning methods are boring. Spending years at school in front of desk actually led me to nearly quit learning Spanish completely, and if it weren’t for my discovery of more effective and enjoyable ways of language learning, i would probably still be monolingual. Instead of focusing on learning how to communicate with native speakers, traditional language methods often concentrate on learning vocabulary that isn’t that useful on a daily basis, explaining why a certain grammar rule is applied to a particular phrase and learning linguistic terminology.

As you can imagine, this is mind numbing, and completely takes away the joy of learning a foreign language. On the other hand, you have new ways that are surprisingly fun, just as the infamous duolingo, which is no doubt useful when it comes to learning vocabulary, but is not enough by itself to get a strong command of the language.

What i am offering here with my Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires is a different way of language learning. Whilst still focusing on learning the grammar and structure of the language (fundamental for getting to a high level), the method i am offering is conversation based, and aims to get you communicating with locals and experiencing argentine culture as much as possible. The method focuses on learning vocab that is used on a day to day basis, learning grammar in the simplest way possible and training your brain so that you can construct sentences in the shortest about of time possible. These Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires also address the key issues mentioned earlier on: getting over your fears of language learning and making sure that language learning is enjoyable whilst still being effective.

Buenos Aires

There’s probably many of you reading this post who are thinking, why the hell would i choose a British guy as my Spanish Teacher if there are 14 million Porteños who speak Spanish natively. Good question. While the locals will be better when it comes to addressing issues such as pronunciation, most natives haven’t learnt Spanish in the same way as us foreigners, and often struggle to understand the grammar and structure of the language (the same goes us native English speakers when trying to teach our own language) as well as the main pitfalls that English speakers come across when learning the language. Many of them also fail to address the issue of getting over the mentally blockages that all of us have when trying to learn Spanish.

I’m going to be completely honest, learning Spanish makes all the difference when it comes to experiencing Argentina, and whilst you can just about survive on English i think it’s a huge shame that so many foreigners fail to grasp a solid command of the language due to lack of interest or belief in their abilities when spending extended periods of time in Latin America.

If you’re interested in hearing more, then get in contact with me over Facebook, send me an email (included at the bottom of text), or just fill in the form just under the blog post. I’m going to be in Buenos Aires for the next few months and am flexible when it comes to prices, timetable, location. I’ll even throw in the first lesson for free.

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